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National Excellent Law Firm


SGLA Founding Member

Solton & Partners, founded in 1995, is the first lawyers’ practice institution established by professional lawyers returned from overseas with partnership system. In 2003, Solton & Partners has initiatively implemented the corporation management reform. Through breaking through the traditionally individual working pattern, Solton & Partners has formed up a lawyer team featuring different specializations and close cooperation, transforming itself from a professional law firm specialized in overseas legal service into a commercial law firm with the largest scale and growth momentum in central-western China. Since 2012, Solton & Partners has implemented its transformation development strategy and taken the lead to realize both the business coverage and service coverage in Chongqing municipality within only 2 years and transformed itself into one of the top new-style regional law firms in China with great fame.

Currently, Solton Headquarters targets at medium and high-end commercial affairs and personal legal business; focuses on serving regional governmental institutions, large-scale enterprises and public institutions and commercial clients including small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as individual clients with legal demands for criminal, marital and domestic affairs. Meanwhile, Solton & Partners has established offices in western and northeastern areas in Chongqing, to provide closer, more convenient and comprehensively efficient service for regional clients. Moreover, Solton & Partners, as the founding member of SGLA, the legal alliance in China with the largest influence, has been always dedicated to satisfying clients’ trans-regional demands beyond Chongqing. Besides constantly strengthening its close cooperation with world-class famous law firms home and abroad , Solton & Partners has also cooperated and communicated with global members of SGLA to provide its clients with national or even global best business resources and experience together.


Based on its over two decades of unswerving efforts, Solton & Partners today has formed up its unique and stable style with the teaming-up practice pattern, in line with the international legal service standards; realized the firm-wide resource and information sharing; and established the uniform legal service standards and procedures, in order to provide the all-round quality service for its hundreds of corporate and public institution clients and numerous individual clients.

In accord with the principle of “professionalism, specialization and teamship”, Solton & Partners has never stopped absorbing and cultivating excellent talents to form up the first-class lawyer teams. And the professional teams with great influences include: property and architectural engineering team; financial and security team, corporate restructuring, reorganization and M&A team, overseas affairs team, IPR team, major commercial disputes team, bank class action team, etc. In addition, Solton & Partners has recruited a great number of famous lawyers with rich professional experience in the fields of criminal defense, marriage and heritage and infringement damages, who have laid a more solid foundation, based on their perspective influences, for Solton & Partners to become one of the top new-style regional law firms.


Solton & Partners boasts its nearly 200 full-time lawyers and supporting staff, some of whom have been hired by clients to work in Hong Kong SAR and coastal areas in mainland China for a long term. All of lawyers working with Solton & Partners have bachelor degrees and above, many of them have even doctor degrees, master degrees, double bachelor's degrees and other degrees conferred by famous universities in USA, Britain, Russia, Japan, France, Korea and China; several lawyers also have overseas lawyer qualification certificates. More importantly, a quite number of lawyers working with Solton & Partners have the practicing experience over 10 years; some lawyers have once engaged in legal practice with governmental institutions, judicial institutions and domestic and foreign enterprises. From the perspective of Solton & Partners, the professional education and training and rich practicing experience are the guarantees to ensure that lawyers could maintain the outstanding judgment capabilities and work out unique solutions in facing with various problems. Solton & Partners has been devoting itself to promoting lawyers’ unremitting pursuit of such capabilities and solutions. And this is also the reason that Solton & Partners could cultivate and build up a team of professional lawyers with great quality, through the strict and advanced management mechanism. It is its quality legal service for its masses of clients that contributes to its common reputation and praise and builds up its Solton lawyer brand.


During the past two decades and more, clients, who have hired Solton & Partners to provide legal service, include various levels of governmental institutions, state-owned holding groups, private-run group companies and large-scale foreign-invested enterprises, covering various industries including investment and financing, real estate, manufacturing, energy, finance, tourism, retailing, chemical medicine and media. A quite part of its clients are World Top 500 enterprises, China Top 500 enterprises and famous institutions with great influences in their individual industries. In recent years, there have been over 400 clients who hire Solton & Partners as their legal consultants annually, with the further appointment rate as 95%. Besides, there have been hundreds of clients annually who hire Solton & Partners to provide special services, lawsuit agency or dispute solution via negotiation.


Lawyers with Solton & Partners have been commonly confirmed by industries and society by virtue of their excellences. And the honorary titles of Solton & Partners during the recent years are as follows: National Excellent Law Firm (conferred by Ministry of Justice); Chongqing Excellent Law Firm for several years; Law Firm in Western China conferred by ALB (Asian Legal Business) for consecutive years; Annual Chongqing Law Firm confirmed by China Law & Practice for 7 consecutive years; Chambers First Class Law Firm of Commercial Law, 2012 Chinese Law Firm with Rapidest Development confirmed by ALB, etc.


As the representative figure of Solton & Partners, Han Deyun, the executive partner, has won the great client praise based on his integrity and profession. Besides, Han has also been active in the stage of participating in the administration and discussion of state affairs as a Chinese lawyer and been elected as the deputy to DNP for three consecutive sessions since 2003. Furthermore, dozens of lawyers with Solton & Partners have taken the offices of deputies to municipal, district (township) People’s Congresses, CPPCC members (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) and other social duties. Their dedications and influences to the society have been more and more confirmed and praised by the public.