Why Us


Leading commercial law firm in advising foreign investors in the region


With the intention to put their knowledge and working experience gained in the industrialized countries in the West to its best use, the founders of Solton & Partners initially formed this legal practice to provide legal services to foreign clients who had set up their business or intended to have their business and operations in China, especially in Chongqing and nearby regions. Although along the way the scope of our practice has expanded dramatically, to advice foreign investors has always remained the core and strength of our practice. In recent years, foreseeing the increasing FDI activities in Western China, we have further enlarged and strengthened our legal team in this field. Today, Solton & Partners has been widely recognized as the leading legal service provider for foreign investors in the region by our clients.


 Excellent foreign language skills


Having studied and received their postgraduate degrees in law or trained in countries like the United Kingdom; the United States of America; France; Italy, Japan etc., most of our key lawyers possess competent bilingual or multilingual language skills to suit the needs of their increasingly expanding international clients. Currently, the working languages of our lawyers include: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Russian. We also have kept good working relationship with law firms around the world, and can provide legal services to our clients in other languages as needed.


Rich local knowledge, top level local expertise and strong local contact


By providing legal service to many important regional, national and international businesses, advising and working closely with government authorities and agencies, we have gained and accumulated rich local knowledge, and have built strong working relationship with relevant local government authorities and entities. This invaluable local expertise has helped us, and surely will continue to help us, to enhance the interests of our clients.

For example, we have advised government authorities such as Chongqing Information Industry Bureau, Chongqing Foreign Trade & Economic Relations Commission, Chongqing Land Resources and Housing Administration Bureau, Chongqing Tourism Bureau, the government of Yuzhong District, Sichuan Communications Bureau and so on. We have also participated in local legislative consultations organized by the Standing Committee of Chongqing People’s Congress and Chongqing Municipal Government.

In addition, we currently have one partner, namely Mr. Deyun Han who is also the incumbent president of Chongqing Bar Association, sitting as a delegate to the National People’s Congress (the Congress in China), and two partners sitting as delegates to Chongqing People’s Political Consultative Council. Solton’s lawyers are also active in a variety of professional associations. For example, we have two members on the arbitrator list of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), several members on the arbitrator list of the Chongqing Arbitration Commission, and over ten lawyers in various specialized committees of the Chongqing Lawyers Association, and one member serving on the Intellectual Property Committee of the All China Lawyers Association.